Observations of an outspoken critic of the Boston interfaith prayer service

Regarding the various politicians and clergy who were invited to speak at Boston’s Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Cross, writer Thomas A. Droleskey observes :

It is no wonder that Ronne Friedman did not acknowledge Sean O’Malley as Friedman is an anti-Catholic bigot. He is a Christophobe. Nancy Taylor is just as much an anti-Catholic bigot as Ronne Friedman. Yet it is that they were permitted to speak at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross even though their very presence in the sanctuary of this once proud Catholic cathedral where so many thousands of true Masses were offered to God for His greater honor and glory as the very Sacrifice of the Cross was perpetuated in an unbloody manner was itself an act of mocking the Holy Cross and the Divine Redeemer upon which our sins fastened Him.

You might also like to know who one of Ronne Friedman’s congregants is. Sure, let me inform you. He is the brother of the 2004 nominee of the organized crime family of the naturalist “left,” the pro-abortion, pro-perversity then United States Senator and current United States Secretary of State John F. Kerry, at whose nominating convention in Boston, Massachusetts, nine years ago Ronne Friedman prayed to the devil:

Also yesterday, the invocation was given by Rabbi Ronne Friedman of Temple Israel in the Fenway. Kerry’s brother — attorney Cameron F. Kerry, a convert to Judaism — is a member of Temple Israel.

Link to Antichrist’s Liturgical Presiders


  1. Just rants can be cathartic for their writers (take it from one such). I hope this one was for Tom, who has written enough for both of us, and then some. Alas, I haven’t the time to read it. Nor, on this fair Sunday morning, do I feel the need.

  2. Perhaps, these Interfaith Services should Only be permitted in non-Religious venues! Every Religion has their “Sacred” place, and it should NOT be shared! Every Cathedral is a Shrine….Are we invited to Mecca?
    As far as Kerry’s bro, being a covert to Judaism, Tells me, “He married for money”…that’s a Family Thing!
    What good does it do for a Man to sell his soul?

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