There are 800,000 trees planted in Israel that represent the 800,000 Jews saved by the Catholic Church. None have been planted as a tribute to Protestants.

During the war, the New York Times twice said the Church was “a lonely voice crying out of the silence of a continent”; Albert Einstein also singled out the Church during the war. After the war, Golda Meir praised the work of the Church, as did the ADL, the World Jewish Congress, and scores of other Jewish organizations.


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  1. So, of course, under Francis, the Vatican is opening up a new inquiry into “Hitler’s Pope.” This is the same kind of post-conciliar mindset that led John Paul II to issue an apology to everyone on Earth, living and dead, whom “the Church” even might have wronged. (Except, of course, staunch and loyal-to-Rome traditionalists, who continue to be persecuted.)

    If the just-decreed anti(?)-Pius XII commission results in, not only a complete vindication, but also a cause (long overdue) for his sainthood: well, let’s just say my heart might not be up to surviving that kind of shock.


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