Topical and Timely New Book – Not Peace but a Sword: The Great Chasm Between Christianity and Islam By Robert Spencer


Robert Spencer has written a dozen books on Islam, as well as thousands of pages of commentary on Islamic law, scripture, and tradition, but this may be his most significant book yet because of its potential to alert Christians to a dangerous gap in their knowledge of Islam. Christian leaders are badly in need of a wake-up call about Islam and this is a wake-up call that is hard to ignore. Not Peace but a Sword asks questions about the relationship between Christianity and Islam that few others are asking, even though they are questions that beg for answers.

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The Great and Enduring Heresy of Mohammed (Free Selection)


  1. History–from the earliest to the present–has proven Islam to be a dangerous mass-cult that is antithetical, inimical and lethal to Christianity. Thus, it makes perfect sense that post-VII Popes have declared and invoked “religious liberty” as canon, and conflated it with Charity.

    “Bizarro World” strikes again!

    • The Islamic Religion is now larger than the Roman Catholic Church! See my other Post

  2. This IS NOT the Religion of Peace! 50 times, in scriptures in the Hadith and Koran…. The Muslims are commanded byAllah through Direct word to kill Infidels! These violent commands were directed to the Islamic Prophet, Mohamed!
    the writings DEMOTE Jesus, as a prophet, who did NOT die on the Cross, somebody else died, in his place!

    Here is a movie on YouTube: The Innocent Prophet
    English version.
    It tells the tale of the violent, corrupt Prophet, told by a former Muslim.

  3. Don’t be fooled by interfaith “Crislam!
    1John 2:22…whoever, does not believe in the Son(Christ Jesus) is the AntiChrist!
    That is IT…..!
    You cannot combine these Two Religions. Fatima, was Mohamed’s daughter, and they think that The Blessed Mary and the daughter are the 2 most Holy Women. They have Different Ideas, that cannot be combined!

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