Cardinal O’Malley sounds more and more like a disciple of the late Senator Ted Kennedy

“We must build a civilization of love, or there will be no civilization at all,” said Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley, at a Mass for the repose of the souls of those killed in the Marathon bombing. So far, so good. But then the wheels came off.

Pointing to sources of the “culture of death,” the cardinal mentioned individualism, alienation, abortion, violent films, and video games. He decried the death penalty. And then this:

The inability of the Congress to enact laws that control access to automatic weapons is emblematic of the pathology of our violent culture.

What’s wrong with that statement? Let me count the ways:

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  1. I could only roll my eyes last month when fellow Catholics expressed a wish for O’Malley to be elected pope. This is the man who all but canonized the late Teddy Kennedy in a eulogy during his requiem mass. (If time-honored Catholic tradition had been observed, no eulogy of any kind would have been spoken at the liturgy.)

    One more thing: If the bombers were faithful Moslems acting on their “faith,” their deed was not a “perversion” of their “religion,” but a sign of their fidelity to it.


    • PERVERSION of their Religion?
      This Is The Islamic Religion!
      The good Cardinal must be taking in too much incense! The smoke and fumes affect the arterioles in the brain!
      Please say a prayer for me!


  2. God is Love!
    People are NOT Love!
    Cardinal O’Malley has a Blind Eye, when it comes to Deceitful people!
    I watched during Teddy’s funeral….quite a Show for a Pro-Abortion, Murderer!
    He gives too much credit to people, who don’t respect God’s will!


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