Why former GM executive Bob Lutz is also a “yutz”: Advocates massively raising gas taxes to force people into electric cars.


“If you want people to use less of a given commodity, you raise the price of that commodity. It’s that simple.” Lutz further offered, “A higher price is the right economic stimulus to get people to buy more fuel efficient vehicles.”


Editor’s note: The Urban Dictionary defines the word “yutz” thusly: This is from the Yiddish, it means ditz, clutz, dumkoft, ninny, nincompoop, socially incompetant boob, twit, dumbass. (Add “elitist schlub”  to the aforementioned.)

Now you know why GM failed!


  1. Our government out of control…The gov. gave $5.and a half billion dollars in federal grants and loans to manufacture and promote electric cars and batteries. But research by the Copenhagen Consensus Center finds that a typical electric car driven 50,000 miles over its lifetime emits more carbon-dioxide than a similar-size gas-powered car driven the same distance.
    Manufacturing electric cars involves mining for lithium, which produces more than twice the amount of carbon-dioxide emissions (30,000 pounds for an electric car versus 14,000 for a conventional vehicle) as gas-powered cars. Then they say the want to raise our taxes. When we see how they spend it so irresponsibly, enriching their car invested pals, it makes you wonder- to put it mildly…

    • Zelie,
      Good to know! The Government wants us to think it’s for Ecological reasons….reducing our Carbon footprint! The Carbon Shares for thebElite, to increase their personal wealth and All Us Minions…..Share , in Marxism!

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