Gay and proud … or not … the U.S. Government plans to make you take an AIDS test.


CHICAGO, April 29 (Reuters) – An influential U.S. panel is calling for HIV screening for all Americans aged 15 to 65, regardless of whether they are considered to be at high risk, a change that may help lift some of the stigma associated with HIV testing.

The new guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), a government-backed panel of doctors and scientists, now align with longstanding recommendations by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for testing of all adults aged 15 to 65, regardless of their risk.


Editor’s note: And just what stigma is that?

Illustration: Wikipedia


  1. How very sad and what an intrusion on our privacy! The article said we can opt out, but Iam cartain , an insurance regulation will make it mandatory, per Obambacare.
    One step, at a time, Big Brother Government is going to control us! Can you imagine the Giant Health-Care Data Base, that will be kept? When is the Microchip going to be implanted? HIV was originally started by homosexuality, in the 80’s and crossed over, to the non-homosexual population…Could this be a Judgement from God, to punish Man?

  2. I’m surprised that, long ere now, the G has not forced annual flu shots on everyone. My 95-y-o mother has somehow managed to live that long without ever having had one, but, hey: maybe if she continues living she’ll eventually die from some shot sure to be mandated for her soon by Obamacare.

    I stopped flying commercial in order to avoid TSA irradiation and sexual assault. But when they start forcing this or that shot on everyone as a condition of just being allowed to go about one’s daily business and life, how is that to be avoided?

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