We’ll take the ’50s any day, when pregnancy was not a health problem and no president would be found fighting for the freedom to kill the unborn.

Mr. Obama sees himself as leading the nation into the 21st century, and he justifies his abortion stand as protecting women’s health.  We can only wonder if he skipped every biology class ever offered in high school and college.  Being pregnant is not a health problem, and living, perfectly viable unborn human beings, in or out of the mother’s womb, don’t have any health problems, unless the will to live is now considered unhealthy.

Yes, we’ll take the ’50s any day, when pregnancy was not a health problem and no president would be found fighting for the freedom to kill the unborn.

In the ’50s, women didn’t think they were in a war with conservatives; they knew they were in a war only with overeager young men. Those young men usually lost, which in turn produced a situation where there was no need for an abortion.

Yeah, we’ll take those days.

We will also take the ’50s presidents who left a legacy for us rather than a stream of blood from our own offspring.

President Truman, who took up after Franklin Roosevelt from 1950 to 1952, faced and reined in the reckless power of the corrupt unions instead of coddling them to buy votes as Barack Obama has done.

He also gave us the Truman Doctrine, which served to halt the expansion of communism in Eastern Europe. Mr. Obama has brought more communistic socialism into a once free nation than any president in history.

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  1. Well, there is connection with Communism and the utter disregard for God’s Moral Law! Yes folks, we are living in a Secular World that has no regard for God, which our President Obama condones!
    Wouldn’t they love the transition from a Republic into a Communistic State? Free Love, Free Sex, Free Abortion…..No God, No Guilt, No Church…….
    A Secular Progreesives Dream!….we are getting closer!

  2. To invoke–in the context of a pro-life post–President Harry Truman is beyond absurd. Truman, after all, made the executive decision to instantly incinerate tens of thousands of innocent civilians in two Japanese cities in 1945. (A mere five years later–again, by executive fiat–he illegally committed US forces to an unconstitutional foreign war that resulted in well over a million casualties, many of them non-combatants.)

    And, please, anyone who may be so inclined: spare me the argument that, in perpetrating his nuclear war crime–of unprecedented savagery, scope and atrocity–Truman saved the lives of tens of thousands of American troops. Anyone so arguing bears the impossible burden of proving pure speculation regarding a military action that would have been neither necessary nor justified. For what I have written, there is no burden of proof.

    • I thought including Truman in there was a bit of a stretch, too.


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