Recent protests should come as no surprise in the homosexual enclave known as Detroit.

The controversy over the rights of gay Catholics is heating up in the Detroit area.

This afternoon, supporters of gay Catholics gathered for a prayer vigil in front of the Archdiocese of Detroit’s chancery headquarters. They prayed to protest Archbishop Allen Vigneron’s comments last month that Catholics who support gay marriage or unions should not present themselves to receive communion.


Editor’s note: There’s no reason for controversy. “Gay” Catholics have all the same rights and responsibilities as other Catholics.

But after a generation of rampant pro-homosexual church leadership in Detroit, it’s only natural to expect a few protests when a faithful Catholic bishop finally decides to proclaim the obvious truth and issue a call for repentance.

Corruption of this type is hard to root out, especially when many Catholics no longer understand … and often, don’t even care … what the Church teaches … and why.

Promoting and seeking the approval of others for grave sin is itself a grave sin … most especially when the Holy Eucharist is unworthily and sacrilegiously received.

What’s so hard to understand?

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  1. Google “Carla Hale” (without the quotes) and you will open links to a boodle of articles about a gym teacher (19 yrs.) at a Catholic HS who recently chose to out herself by listing her “partner” among the “survivors” in her mother’s obituary. The school was left with little choice then but to dismiss Hale due to a very public breach of contract by its employee. (This is a classic case of “the love that dare not speak its name” finally opening its own mouth in clear pursuit of an agenda.)

    Columbus is justifiably reputed to take second place only to San Francisco as the nation’s most “gay”-friendly city. City Hall’s “human rights” commission is examining the case and considering sanctions against the diocese. Of course, a civil suit by Hale is in the works.

    White is the main color of Christian martyrdom thus far in late-20th/early-21st century America. Financial ruin and total marginalization are the tactics of the persecutors against their victims. (This Aug. 13–zero hour for compliance by Catholic institutions with the Obamacare mandates–will likely be a watershed date in this context.)

    How long before the color turns predominantly red?

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