Cardinal Dolan bans ten filthy homosexuals and their supporters from Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan today used the NYPD to prohibit from Sunday worship services gay Catholics and their allies by barring their entry into NYC’s historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the iconic home of the Roman Catholic Church in New York.

The small group of silent Catholic protestors were threatened with arrest by a New York City Police detective — unless they first washed their hands.

The ten Catholics, who are LGBT and not LGBT, and even parents of LGBT people, were responding to Cardinal Dolan’s April 25 blog post, “All Are Welcome!,” which tells gay people who wish to participate in the Catholic faith, you must first “wash your hands!” They labeled their actions today a “Dirty Hands Vigil.”



  1. I applaud Cardinal Dolan’s stance! These filthy homosexuals are working their Agenda Orders, to Protest the ban on the Church Law against Homosexuality!
    Remember San Francico, were the protester’s were taking Communion dressed in “Drag!” Ban them, with their blatant disrespect!


  2. Does Cardinal Dolan enlist the aid of the NYPD to bar known, public, Catholic apostates–e.g. Gov. Cuomo–from desecrating Holy Communion by receiving the sacrament at the Cathedral? Just wondering.


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