Scientist: Tower of Babel and one ancient common human language not just a myth.


The ancestors of people from across Europe and Asia may have spoken a common language about 15,000 years ago, new research suggests.

Now, researchers have reconstructed words, such as “mother,” “to pull” and “man,” which would have been spoken by ancient hunter-gatherers, possibly in an area such as the Caucuses or the modern-day country of Georgia. The word list, detailed today (May 6) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could help researchers retrace the history of ancient migrations and contacts between prehistoric cultures.

“We can trace echoes of language back 15,000 years to a time that corresponds to about the end of the last ice age,” said study co-author Mark Pagel, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom.



  1. The story in Genesis where Nimrod, a man against God built his tower of Babel to defy God. Well, God wasn’t too pleased so the tower of Babel was destroyed and God confused their languages,,,so they would no longer work together against God!
    This research, strongly parallels the OT account of Man’s Boldness and Defiance of God!
    Nimrod was a Hunter of Men ,not chosen by God, whereas, Peter , chosen by God, was a Fisher of Men! Interesting parallelism!

    • As the (extra-biblical) story goes, Nimrod was in possession of the leopard skin clothing that God had made for Adam and Eve. One day, Isaac’s son Esau was out hunting, got in a protracted fight with Nimrod, prevailed over Nimrod and killed him, and took possession of the vaunted leopard skin clothing, which was considered to be the garb of royalty and a badge of rank. Esau returned home just in time to get swindled out of his birthright … over a batch of stew … by Jacob and his mom. Esau went on to become the ruler of an unruly Arab tribe, while Jacob had his name changed to Israel, after an all night wrestling match with an angel. Jacob became the source of the 12 tribes of Israel, while Esau and his tribe pretty much faded into obscurity. As for the leopard skin suit … it appears to have something to do with end-time personalities and events. See Revelation 13 for the leopard reference … and more.


      • My studies have found the Leopard was use in Daniel as one of the Beasts (kingdoms) that represents the Grecian Empire with 4 heads.
        The 4 Beasrs are in Revelation that are mentioned in Daniel in a dream! Some speculate the four beasts were Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece, Rome!
        Archeology has unearthed a Treasure trove of evidence substantiating these claims.

        BTW I make a dish for my family called Lentil Stew commemorating Jacobs supplanting of Esaus Blessing……but the family has No Idea!
        They think it is delicious. 🙂

      • Let’s watch and see which scenario is the “correct” one.


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