Becoming Catholic often means overcoming a surprising number of obstacles.


Ten Reasons why it’s (sometimes) hard to become Catholic.

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  1. A margin note for Taylor’s thoughtful list: Since he is a convert, I get why he refers to the Mass of the Ages–aka the Tridentine Rite, codified at Trent after centuries of celebration, and celebrated throughout the Church for centuries thereafter–as the “extraordinary” form. (I am also glad that he attends it.)

    Unfortunately, this kind of specious misdirection was typical of the papacy of B-XVI. I have written before that the enormous strain of trying to be “two popes in one” (conciliar and “traditional”) must have been a key factor in his decision to retire.

    I refuse to use a post-conciliar term for what was the signature rite of the Roman Catholic Church for well over 1,000 years before V-II. The Novus Ordo which displaced–but could never replace–the Tridentine Rite is a discrete rite, and not an “ordinary form” of the original.

    I know the essay was not focused on liturgical nomenclature. But that ridiculous term always jumps off the page at me when I read it.

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