Open Scandal: “The person who caused all this upset is Archbishop Myers, and he’s still in office.”

“Essentially, Archbishop Myers has erased 10 years of hard work by the church in the United States to ensure people are safe,” said Bambrick, a survivor of clergy sex abuse. “He has called into question the integrity of all of us who work so hard to ensure the safety of children, and it’s really disheartening.”

Bambrick added that the “body count” spawned by the controversy is now up to four, including the pastor, the Lenehans and Fugee.

“The person who caused all this upset is Archbishop Myers, and he’s still in office,” Bambrick said. “It seems like the archbishop needs to take responsibility for his own actions, as everyone else has in this crisis.”

Myers has declined to directly comment on the issue.

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  1. What can I say, how can this happen now?

  2. If Myers after both his Vicar and Fr. Fugee signed the prosecutor’s agreement…had sat Fr. Fugee down in his office and told him….”no circumventions, no traveling outside the diocese, no hearing confessions because even reconciliation rooms cannot be supervised at the auditory level where you could suggest to a youth confessing gay acts that he should dialogue with you at Starbucks next month….none of that or you are defrocked”….then none of his would have happened. But Myers has not indicated that he gave any stern warning to Fugee. And who still has his job? Myers. This is why we are not seeing in the headlines of CNN…”Catholic Church converts 10% of MIT’s faculty”…. 10% of fleeing Anglicans from town X yes….10% of Africans from the bush territories yes…..MIT or Stanford, no. We lack credibility as being capable of confessing our institutional sins at Bishop level while we tell the world to confess their sins…to us. Catholicism lacks sufficient critical authors at the Catholic best seller level because their incomes are tied to praising the Church leadership not to pointing out our sins. John Noonan Jr. is great at the latter but his income as a Federal Judge is safe from Catholic retaliation….by both audience and hierarchy.

    • Very good critique, from you Bill…you should make your voice present, on this site more often!

      • Thanks Cathy, 🙂 I’m trying for a month now to get off the net entirely but I’m doing badly at that.

      • Bill,
        This going to sound like a “Busy Body,” BUT why get off completely? I too, have been thinking about cutting back…something does not feel right, Invasion of Privacy. 🙂

      • Must turn this big ship of life toward the real world more and away from digital. I’ll get there.

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