Eight hundred-thirteen new saints: 15th-century Catholic martyrs who were beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam are declared saints.


The “Martyrs of Otranto” were 813 Italians who were slain in the southern Italian city in 1480 for defying demands by Turkish invaders who overran the citadel to renounce Christianity.

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Editor’s note: Anybody notice a pattern emerging here?


  1. There is no call to characterize the canonization of the Martyrs of Otranto as a “statement to Muslims.” A canonization–any canonization–is a statement to Catholics, primarily. It is not–or at least should not–be political at all. (The Catholic Church has no more worthwhile “statement” to Muslims than the Gospel.)

    On the other hand, I look at the fast-track causes for John XXIII and, particularly, John Paul II as quite redolent of political motivation. After all, these popes are the “bookends” of the deeply-flawed disaster aka Vatican II. What better way to “canonize the council” than to declare its initiator and its greatest executor saints?

    • I just Do Not get it, One minute we are embracing Islam and then we spank them! You are right the Sainthood is for Catholics, and has no relevance to Islam. The only way these heathens will be saved, is leaving Islam, and accept the valid Gospels of Christ’ teachings!….No pearls to pigs

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