Seen on the web: Today’s political definition of the word “apology”

From The Alinsky New Leftist Dictionary:

noun, plural a-pol-o-gies

1. What you do when you are caught doing something criminal, and seek to placate weak opposition leaders and a corrupt press, so as to be able to continue in your criminal behavior without interruption.


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  1. The greater point here is (or should be) that the “ins” will reflexively attack anyone or any organization that challenges their dominance.

    Thus, the Obama administration’s “apology” for the patently politically-adversarial actions by its Internal Revenue Service (sic) against obvious political opponents is pure “ass-coverage.” It is no different from Bush 43’s defensive actions when its administration was caught red-handed in obvious executive overreach.

    In either/both cases, misdirection was the order of the day. In other words: At most, an insincere “apology” was released as a substitute for an admission of patent and categorical malfeasance, followed by a documented statement to abjure and discontinue any such malfeasance in the future.

    Bottom line: The “ins” will reflexively attack any and all (even perceived) enemies. Which actions reveal far more about the “ins” than about their opponents.

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