Video: Wall Street Journal Editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz on a priest who was wrongly imprisoned for sexually molesting young boys.


Watch the Wall Street Journal Video

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The strange (and very sad) case of Father Gordon MacRae

Submitted by Mark H.



  1. The reason I submitted this video link: I have a personal friend–a HS teacher–who was wrongfully accused, as a priest, of possible molestation. He was never criminally charged, but was caught in a wide net of civil litigation along with a criminally-convicted molester and many others. The case ended my friend and mentor’s career and destroyed his reputation.

    Having spent many, many times with him during which any such proclivities would have been obvious to me, I feel metaphysically certain of his innocence. Moreover, his sole accuser–whose allegation was utterly uncorroborated–has been discredited by his own family.

    • The bashing of Catholic Priests, has been the rage, for many years. This is a $ making Venture. And the Vultures are capitalizing on the crime of Sex Abuse. I feel sympathy for the falsely accused, like your Priest friend….what a horrendous charge, for the Religious Innocents!
      Do you remember Cardinal Bernadine, many years ago, while he was experiencing Pancreatic Cancer? …. Vicious attacks from the public! Like a Lynch Mob!

      • Dear Cathy,

        The Bernardin affair was much more complex than you might know. Fact is, a couple of million dollars changed hands in order for the charges against the Cardinal to be dropped. Only then did his homosexual accuser claim to be mistaken and withdraw his charges. In Chicago, even Catholic Church politics can be both brutal and merciless – not to mention, totally immoral. I’m sending you an email with some pertinent links.

        Thank you for commenting.


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