Dirty little secret about the 2nd Vatican Council: Many of the evils the pre-conciliar popes opposed, have been triumphant in the everyday life of the Church ever since.

As the Holy Father wrote of “liturgical renewal, joyful fervor, and radiant vitality,” the Archdiocese of Detroit, by contrast (to name just one such example), was addressing the real world state-of-affairs by unveiling plans to board-up some 40% of its parishes.

His successor, Pope Benedict XVI, followed suit, painting similarly unrealistic portraits of the Council’s impact on Catholic life.

On January 1, 2013, for example, Catholics who have long since accepted bankrupt dioceses, empty seminaries and irreverent liturgies as the “new normal” heard Pope Benedict’s Message for the World Day of Peace, in which the Holy Father spoke of “the Second Vatican Council which helped to strengthen the Church’s mission in the world.”

The matter-of-factness with which the pope offered this assessment would seem to suggest that it is simply self-evident that the Council fortified the Church, and yet one is hard pressed to deny that every meaningful measure indicates precisely the opposite.

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  1. What more can I say in this context than what I have already written?

    Perhaps just this: A WSJ columnist wrote recently about the Obama administration–in re the Benghazi FUBAR–having adopted the Clinton Administration’s response strategy for such politically-damaging occurrences. To wit: “It didn’t happen, it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen.”

    In re V-II, the Church’s mainstream hierarchy’s strategy continues to be: “It was wonderful, it was wonderful, it was wonderful.”

    That is how the “Big Lie” goes. Repeat it often and persistently enough until a sufficient portion of the masses believe it. In spite of all obvious evidence to the contrary.

    And the Truth prevails, eventually.

    • The Folks Believe….and that’s it!
      Religious and Secular…..Hoodwinked!
      And the Truth prevails, eventually! TY 4 that inspirering Close, Mark!

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