IRS agent tells pro-life ministry they need to be pro-abortion to obtain government approval.


“Our goal is to assist churches, organize and support a life ministry in defense of life and help function as an outreach to people struggling with unwanted pregnancies in the local community,” the site states.

Education materials are offered.

But Shinn said the IRS contacted him regarding his application for nonprofit status, and was told he didn’t qualify.

“The representative was telling me I had to provide information on all aspects of abortion, I couldn’t just educate the church from the pro-life perspective,” he said.

“Every time I pressed her on this issue and asked her to clarify her position, she would state that it wasn’t what she was saying, and then, she would repeat it almost the same way.”

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  1. The IRS “tax-exempt” status for churches et al. non-profits is the honey trap set by Lyndon Johnson in the early 1950s and passed by his Senate and the House and signed into law. It constituted a tacit approval–by those of the One True Faith who approved of it–for ultimate, total government co-optation of Holy Mother Church in the US. This was no unintended consequence; such control was at the very heart of the law’s intent.

    It is a trap about to be sprung with a vengeance this Aug. 13, with extremely damaging consequences, when the Obamacare “grace period” for Church-based non-profits ends, and the deal-breaking mandates kick in.

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