Just days before Pentecost Sunday, Cardinal Dolan finally “wises up”. Hires professional spokesperson.


Cardinal Dolan, president of the USCCB, says he needs an “attractive, articulate, intelligent” woman as his personal spokesperson, claiming that “the days of fat, balding Irish bishops are over.”  He has chosen Kim Daniels, a long-time effective advocate of conservative causes,  and ex-personal domestic policy czar to Sarah Palin.

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It’s time the U.S. Bishops hired a trained, professional
spokesman to help deal with controversial, “hot button” issues.


  1. Golly, the Lord Jesus, in his omniscience, surely missed a trick here. How much better the Gospel would have been articulated and disseminated if only He had hired a spokeswoman. (E.g., I suppose we would all read the “Statement on the Mount” in our Douay-Rheims.)

    And to think that many Catholics wished for Dolan to be the current Pope. Unbelievable!


    • There is nothing more “Polished” than a Statement On THE MOUNT! Do you think that Jesus would need a Consultant to apply his work and message? Very contraindicated, for an Apostolic Successor!


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