AARP goes gay

The American Family Association says part of AARP’s membership fees and profits are used to advocate same-sex “marriage,” homosexual adoption and the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, not to mention special rights for immoral behavior.

Buddy Smith, AFA executive vice president, says that by promoting the homosexual agenda, the AARP is not serving its clients or representing their values.



  1. Buddy, I have been of “AARP”-age for some time, although I have never joined. Nevertheless, I feel qualified to challenge your premise of “AARP…not serving its clients or representing their values.”

    From what I have observed of AARP’s advertising and operations, they are quite accurately oriented to their clients’ values and serving them well. What are those values? Values, that’s what! As in coupons, discounts, deals, etc. All you have to do for these “values” is join AARP.

    Does anyone seriously think that the typical AARP member has a clue as to some of the nefarious things AARP is really up to? Or that the typical member even cares? Heck, many members don’t even know they are members.

    Just keep those “values” coming, AARP. But don’t you dare raise my dues.

  2. We have NEVER joined this Organization with a Lefty Agenda!
    I got my Mother to quit!
    I won’t surrender my convictions for Discounts or sell my soul to the Devil for 10% off a motel stay!

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