Do you know this man?


His presence on the stage of history was a farce. By culture he was a foreigner. By political inclination he was a pretender, a man who was all things to all people, and a man who was carried into political life by plying the outcasts of society with sausages. Then, he plied them with sausages anew. He represented no class interest and no transcendent interest except his own.

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  1. “…where compassion has become a shibboleth that really means the government takes from some and gives to others.”

    Or, as a wag once said: When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s vote.

  2. I read the article….that is giving to much thought benind the Marxist, Socialist, Psuedo Dictatot….Barrack Hussein Obama! He is a Modern Marvel, who wants to Transform, the Greatest Nation ever created!…Into What?

    • “Dictatot”? If that’s a typo, it’s fortuitously funny. If not, it’s intentionally so: a witty dis for such an egotistically childish tyrant.

      Let me know, Cathy. If you hit the wrong key, I might claim ownership of your unintentional coinage.

      • Mark,
        It was a pre-usual ERROR (Typo)….it does sound….rather nice! Better than Obamaidiot or Obamadrone, feel free to laugh at, or use any nonsense that applies to OUR LEADER:)

      • To Myself:
        Our Dictator is a Tot! Not Full Fledged…..

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