Charity is the sometimes forgotten and often unseen “gooey chocolate center” of the Catholic Church.


The Pope emphasized the importance of the spirituality of charity, which involves “giving oneself, going outside oneself and being at the continuous service of people living in extreme situations.”

On the one hand, the church has to help and heal these people as well as “bring into the Church this feeling of tenderness, which is more than a feeling, it’s a value the Mother Church can’t lose.”


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  1. Oh dear, where to even begin, with so little time.

    The Church is in dire straits and crises of unprecedented proportions. And we are being too “serious?” Oh, c’mon, Your Holiness: Get serious! These ills will not simply go away because we look away and do nice to people. Leave our troubles to the theologians? Isn’t that how we got to where we are?

    I could go on and on, but at least he called for spreading private wealth around, instead of voting for and supporting more government “charity.” Now, if only he would get the American bishops on that program.

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