Don’t play with the devil, because you will lose!


A GENERAL RULE: Don’t play with the Devil.

As soon as one knows that it comes from the devil, it must be rejected without any discussion. Check to see if God would suggest the thought, if not, it’s from the devil! Don’t entertain it.

“Playing with the devil” is tarrying with a thought that one knows to be not good, and thus from the devil. Woe to him who consents to dialogue with the devil (who is much stronger than we). Eve succumbed because she “played” with the devil. Instead of cutting him short, she started to discuss the temptation with him. The devil finished by making her fall.

Saint Bernard wrote: “Nobody becomes suddenly bad.” Know that it has not happened all of a sudden. For a long time, they have played with the devil.

If you play with the devil, you will lose. Don’t entertain “what if” bad thoughts. Reject it as soon as you perceive it’s a bad thought or you will fall little by little. He proposes little sins first.

The devil tries to put our minds at ease when we are in sin or are about to sin. The good angels do the opposite. We must not help the devil but must help disturb the conscience of those living in sin. Don’t put them at ease. We must not help the devil give them a false peace.

People today are very external and active. They don’t know how to be quiet, how to think about life. Beware of too much activity that keeps the mind from thinking, keeps us from internal thoughts. True peace of mind does not come from the devil.

The good angel will give reasons why an idea is bad.

The devil uses our situation against us. Are we tired, sick, have evil friends, etc. Beware of “if” or “maybe” proposals and thoughts.

God also uses good friends and sends us lights. Pay attention to influences. Distinguish between good influences and bad or evil influences. Keep the good and reject the evil.

The devil moves the passions since he cannot move the will. He however wants our will. So he moves our passions: sadness, anxiety, etc. Don’t play with it. Say no to sadness. God always gives peace of mind when good is selected.

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  1. The main thing to remember, as far as concerned, is to NOT allow the Devil access to you!
    In today’s world, we are constantly being bombarded, with worldly interest and pleasure. To be carnally minded is death, and to be Spiritually minded is life and peace!
    The question is….does one really actively seek his Eternal Life?
    There is no condemnation in those that are in Christ, who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit! Satan avoids the Spiritually minded and seeks the Carnally minded, that are Easy Prey!

    • “Satan avoids the Spiritually minded and seeks the Carnally minded, that are Easy Prey!”

      Although Satan, no doubt, takes advantage of “low-hanging fruit” where he finds it, he goes wherever he is permitted to go. There are some very spiritually-minded saints who were beset by severe diabolical torments, trials and temptations.

      In His mysterious and infinite goodness, God let it happen. Something to ponder.

      • HIS thoughts are not our thoughts, HIS ways are not are ways.
        So pondering why extremely good people, are plagued by temptation of the world, they are People , instead of baring Bad Fruits, they embellish supernaturally Good Fruits. They are still Mortal, until they cross over to Immortality with Eternal Life!

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