Indifference is corrosive to the true faith.

The first aspect of indifferentism is the idea that all the Christian denominations–for that matter all the different religions–are pretty much the same. You know the schtick–”We are all following different paths up the same mountain. You choose your path I choose mine.” The unique claims to Catholic truth have been watered down or denied completely. So if we have been telling our kids for the last fifty years that all the other Christian denominations are pretty much the same we should be surprised when they quite happily marry a Methodist or tootle off to the community church or join the Episcopalians?



  1. Ain’ t THAT THE TRUTH! my RC sister, married a Methodist, raised her kids Catholic, and even taught in a Catholic School!
    Ended in DIVORCE….hmmm

  2. Fr. Longenecker critiques the consequence, calling it “indifferentism,” while totally ignoring the cause.

    I set my browser’s search function on the article’s page in order to find the word “ecumenism.” It isn’t to be found.

    As long as V-II-bred errors such as “ecumenism,” interreligious “dialog” and pan-religious liberty continue to be touted and practiced by the post-conciliar mainstream as high virtues, religious indifferentism will continue to be a primary symptom of the dire and chronic illness of the modern Church.

    • ECUMENISM……the Magic Word to Indifference.
      We have to face the FACT…The Roman Catholic Church will NEVER be the same. We have stepped across the Red Line (sounds a liitle bit like the Red Dragon!) Worldwide Culture has embraced Homosexuality, the first Latin-American country to do this, was the Popes Homeland…….tells you something!

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