Megan Hodder was a young, avid reader of the New Atheists, but her life changed when she read the work of their Catholic foes

I looked for absurdities and inconsistencies in the Catholic faith that would derail my thoughts from the unnerving conclusion I was heading towards, but the infuriating thing about Catholicism is its coherency: once you accept the basic conceptual structure, things fall into place with terrifying speed.

“The Christian mysteries are an indivisible whole,” wrote Edith Stein in The Science of the Cross: “If we become immersed in one, we are led to all the others.”

The beauty and authenticity of even the most ostensibly difficult parts of Catholicism, such as the sexual ethics, became clear once they were viewed not as a decontextualised list of prohibitions, but as essential components in the intricate body of the Church’s teaching.

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  1. God schmod! There is no such thing as “God”. You know it, so do I.
    I was raised as a Christian and read the “Holy Bible”. Is that considered the work of “Christian foes”?

    Even at a very young age, in elementary school, I found it to be detestable. Do you think that Catholicism mitigates the loathsome nature of the deity depicted within scripture?

    • Lots of people are not very good at reading comprehension – even Christians. I read “War and Peace” once, but that doesn’t mean I’m a dedicated follower of Leo Tolstoy – or that I perfectly understand the fundamental points of his work.

      The detestable acts you read about in the Old Testament were the result of the war that Satan waged against the coming of the promised Messiah – a war that was unwittingly facilitated by the traitorous actions of the same human race God that had already promised to save from their sins.

      That war was ultimately futile, since Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah, did indeed come. As the “Prince of Peace” he freed mankind from slavery to Satan, sin and death, made the peace between God and sinful mankind, and offered himself up as both the perfect sacrifice and the new, sinless, holy, perfect and eternal leader of the human race – totally acceptable to God and worthy of the titles “Savior”-“King of Kings”- and – “Lord of Lords” – something you and I could never accomplish.

      Jesus did all this while we were still sinners – still allied with Satan – and still sworn enemies of God. He did it voluntarily, and he did it out of pure, divine love – a love that is beyond all understanding.

      That’s probably why you don’t understand it.

      Jesus Christ alone mitigates the loathsome nature of fallen mankind, in a way that, through faith, might once again make us pleasing and acceptable to God. That’s the point of Catholicism – of all authentic Christianity – and that’s the whole point of Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice on the cross, at Calvary.

      I suggest you go back and read the Bible again – in this context – and see if it doesn’t make more sense to you.

      Or – better yet – read my free online E-Book – which will lay it all out for you in the simplest possible terms:

      Thanks for writing.


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