Things concerning Antichrist that are certain


I. Antichrist will be a trial for the good (Apoc., XIII, 7), and a chastisement for the impious and the apostates (II Thess., II, 9-11).

II. Antichrist will be a man, a human person.

“Antichrist is not a myth or a fiction, as Renan, in his silly fashion, tried to show.[17] Neither must he be confused with a sect, a collection of impious men, an atheistic environment, or a period of persecution, as certain pious persons have imagined. Antichrist will be a human person, appearing in an epoch of atheism and of wicked sectaries.”[18]

III. Antichrist will not be Satan in human form, but a man and only a man.[19]

IV. Antichrist will have great powers of seduction, owing to certain personal qualities.

“Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders, and in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish.” (II. Thess., II, 9, 10).

V. The beginnings of Antichrist’s career will be lowly and obscure.[20]

VI. Antichrist will increase in power and make conquests.

VII. The rule of Antichrist will be world-wide.

“With the help which will be furnished him by the anti-Christian societies, this enemy of our Lord Jesus Christ will be able to form a gigantic empire in a short time.”[21]

VIII. Antichrist will wage a terrible war against God and the Church.

Father Lémann indicates some of the measures which, to judge by the experience of past persecutions, Antichrist will enforce more thoroughly and more cruelly than ever before. Two of them are: Proscription of Christian teaching and obligatory teaching of error. We can see them already in force in the countries behind the Iron Curtain. Father Lémann adds that “the schools without God or rather against God are a preparation for the second measure.” In that he is perfectly correct, for the Declaration of the Rights of Man of the French Revolution, in the name of which these schools function in France, signified repudiation of membership of Christ, and was thus a declaration of war on the divine plan for order.[22]

IX. Antichrist will claim to be God and will demand exclusive adoration.

X. By means of diabolical prodigies, Antichrist will seek to prove that he is God.

“Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders.” (II. Thess., II, 9).[23]

“The question is often asked,” writes St. Augustine, “whether these expressions ‘signs and lying wonders’ are to be understood in the sense that the prodigies wrought by Antichrist will be only apparent, not real; or as signifying that the really extraordinary feats performed by him will draw on to error and falsehood those who accept them as proofs of a divine mission? The great Doctor replies: “This will be known later.”[24]

“This hesitation has given rise to two currents of opinion. Some think that the prodigies wrought by Antichrist will be real prodigies and that they will lead to the acceptance of falsehood, that is, to belief in the divinity of Antichrist.[25] Others hold that all the miracles of Antichrist will be false and unreal and that they will be accepted as true thanks to the action of the demon on the senses of his followers.”[26]

XI. The domination and persecution of Antichrist will be merely temporary. The man of sin will be destroyed (Dan., VII, 26; Apoc., XIX, 20; II Thess., II, 8).

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  1. I read the article on Antichrist. I put more weight on Daniels, Beast from the Sea and Beast from the Land and the vision of the Statue given to the evil King. These Beasts, lead up to the 4th Beast(Kingdom) which one must conclude is Rome, thus, the Antichrist MUST be European, and not Middle Eastern. Daniel’s stories act as a template to Revelation.
    Only God, the Father knows the date and time, of the 2nd coming, it could be ANYTIME. With, the foul abominations that are occurring in society now, I would summize Judgement, is nearer than we think!
    The body of Christ is the Temple of God, no longer a physical temple, as the Jew’s established in the OT. So why would a new temple be rebuilt? It sounds like the work of Satan, the Great Deciever!

    • Anyone claiming to be the prophesied Messiah would need to appear to have the proper credentials – and a very essential credential would be Jewish lineage descended from King David – whether authentic true – or purely fabricated. A close reading of the linked article provides many more details.

      The warnings of Blessed Pius X are just as solemn as those of Leo XIII. In his first Encyclical, he addresses the Hierarchy of the world as follows: “Who can be unaware of the grave and deep-seated malady which, at the present time far more than in the past, is undermining human society, and which growing daily worse . . . is dragging it to ruin? You know this malady, Venerable Brethren: it is the rejection of God and apostasy . . . In our times, it is only too true that ‘the Gentiles have raged and the peoples devised vain things,’[2] against their Creator. The cry of the enemies of God has become almost common: ‘Depart from us.’[3] . . . Whosoever weighs these things has certainly reason to fear that such perversion of minds may herald the evils announced for the end of time and, as it were, be the beginning of those calamities, and that the son of perdition of whom the Apostle speaks[4] may have already made his appearance here below. So great are the fury and hatred with which religion is everywhere assailed, that it seems to be a determined effort to destroy every vestige of the relation between God and man. On the other hand,—and this is, according to the same Apostle, the special characteristic of Antichrist—with frightful presumption man is attempting to usurp the place of his Creator and is lifting himself above all that is called God. Thus, powerless to extinguish completely in himself the notion of God, he is attempting to shake off the yoke of His Majesty and is dedicating the visible world to himself as a temple, in which he has the pretension to receive the adoration of his fellow men. ‘So that he sitteth in the temple of God showing himself as if he were God.’ (II Thess., II, 4).”[5]


      • As the Prophet Zechariah foretells, He will return to the Mount of Olives, with such force, each foot will split the land in two! The Muslims sealed the Eastern Gate, did they think this was going to STOP, the Lord, when he returns? There will some Jews, 140,000 Elect, that will turn to the Lord, as the Messiah, and will be sprared, at Judgement! We have been given 2000 years, to believe. The members of False Religions, we should have mercy for….But God, will show his Wrath!

      • The Muslims falsely claim that Jesus will be on their side when he returns – having converted to Islam while in heaven – becoming their prophesied Mahdi. The Jews are still waiting for their messiah – and whether 140,000 is their “full number” number remains to be seen. Without the saving grace of Jesus Christ, all God owes the world is his wrath. We have all been put on divine notice!


      • Yes, The Muslims think that Jesus comes back as a Prophet for Allah, and he confesses against Christianity, promoting Islamic Faith. I heard, he will help with be-headings of Christians, who will NOT CONVERT! So now Christ Jesus goes against his own precepts, “Those who Live By the Sword ,Die by the Sword!”
        In their Koran and Hadith, they say over 30 times Allah, is the “Greatest Of All Deceivers!”

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