The real meaning of the term “equality” – which is the stated objective of radical Socialist/Democratic politics – is that all “men” are equally God.


WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden is praising Jewish leaders  for helping change American attitudes about gay marriage and other issues.

Jewish naturalism’s counterfeit messiahs vs. the Kingship of Jesus Christ

Editor’s note: Biden’s comments show how far he is “in the tank” for evil and how little he actually understands or genuinely acknowledges about the Catholic faith – the one, true faith.

Unfortunately, the same could be said about most Catholic politicians – as well as many of today’s Catholic prelates.


  1. Oh dear, here we go again giving Joe Biden undeserved exposure. Can’t we see that attention—any attention—only encourages him?

    • Mark,
      You just can’t help giving that Biden Creature, attention.
      He plays off the Left Democratic Party and USES his Catholic Faith……he is what I call a CINO!

      • I’m sure Doug wouldn’t want me to print some of the things that I call Biden: not on this blog, anyway.

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