Some 250,000 pro-family marchers are evidently not too happy about (literally) gay Paree.

When they followed the noise and witnessed what she described as “pro-family” signs, Glass said she realized “oh, we’re not the only ‘crazy’ ones,” explaining that it is “sometimes very difficult to be on the right in America.”

The Associated Press reported there being about 5,000 police present for the demonstration, due to clashes that have occurred in other anti-gay marriage protests.

But Glass said the event was very well organized and even seemed to have its own security detail.

“Nobody bothered these people,” she said, noting that people on the street were giving thumbs up and people in balconies were cheering. ”

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  1. …organizers of an anti-gay marriage—or “pro-family”—parade…(quoted directly and verbatim from The Blaze article)

    Note that the “scare quotes” (sic) around the phrase pro-family are missing from the phrase anti-gay marriage. Such editorializing-by-punctuation (and lack thereof) is canonical in contemporary secular, post-Christian “journalism” (my scare quotes).

    In fact, try ever finding the words pro-life with or without scare quotes in secular news accounts.

    A related thought: Pro-life demonstrations will always be reported as “anti-abortion” (without scare quotes) by the secular media. Do the latter actually have a case here? After all, when did a self-proclaimed pro-life march or event ever witness against unpaired vital organ “donation” (whereby a living “donor” is actually killed by the “harvesting” of the organ)? When did a pro-life event ever witness against the murder of innocents by countries (including and most especially the US) that wage wars of aggression on nations and populations that have neither committed nor even intended any harm upon the aggressors?

    Pro-life is—or should be—about much more than opposition to abortion. Just as pro-family is—or should be—about more than opposition to the oxymoron commonly called “gay marriage.”

    Parting shot: Did the marchers in the reported ‘”pro-family”‘ Parisian parade witness against, say, divorce-and-“remarriage” (of which Glenn Beck once availed himself)? Seeing as how France is the “eldest daughter of the Church” and all…

    Just wonderin’.

  2. Marriage is a covenant with God. You take your vows, to death do we part. God created both Man and Women to procreate, to multiply ! It is very clear to me, we HAVE to honor God’s Plan! Homosexuality, is unnatural, and does not yield fruit (children) AND is Forbidden in God’s Moral Law!
    It is wonderful, that the Parisians, wanted to March against this Abomination,…but Iam afraid……the damage has been done!
    Hey, Venezuela was the first Latin-American country to Legalize Same Sex Marriage…..and it will soon envelope the whole world!
    Who’s Going To Stop It? Totally Living in the Flesh>Spiritual Death!

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