Cardinal Dolan can’t just laugh this one off.


Cardinal Dolan Has Taught Us A Few Important Things In The Last Few Weeks. In the last few weeks Cardinal Dolan, through his spokesman Joseph Zwilling, has been doing a lot of teaching by word and deed.

His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, has let the Church know pro-abortion New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a Catholic in good standing.

The world has also found out the Archdiocese of New York is paying for abortions and contraception for thousands of its employees.

The Cardinals spokesman has rather heartlessly described the abortions and contraception the Archdiocese provides as “services” and excused the Archdiocese paying the bills for these “services” because they write the checks “under protest.”

We have many lessons we can learn from these situations.

Editor’s note: Someone better take a close look at what’s going on in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and other similar sized urban areas. This church scandal is just beginning to break!


  1. If, come Aug.13, compliance with Obamacare “under protest” becomes the official USCCB justification for avoiding defiance, that will mark the end of all credibility for the institutional Church in the US. It will also lay bare the official Church’s betrayal of all Her faithful who have the fortitude to stand up, alone, and defy the mandates.

    We’ll see if Dolan’s playbook goes national then. And pray that it doesn’t.


  2. Catholics are all cued up for the next agenda in the cultural wars, and I’m having none of it. I’m off the field and I don’t give a rip anymore. This is all disgusting from start to finish, and has ceased to be Christianity in too many ways to count.


  3. There is NOTHING “Jovial”…about ABORTION!!!
    No Compromise With The DEVIL, even, to be liked, by ALL!


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