John Jay report deliberately ignored widespread homosexual activity of priest abusers

On May 18, researchers from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice released their long-awaited final report, “Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2010.”

The research team, led by Karen Terry, Ph.D., gathered an impressive amount of information from which they drew a number of conclusions; the most unsettling of which is the claim that homosexuality is unrelated to the abuse (particularly of adolescent males, the primary victims in the crisis.)

Though 81 percent of the victims were post-pubescent males, researchers downplayed the homosexual connection by suggesting that this simply reflects the fact that offenders had greater access to boys. The report also proposes the possibility that, “Although the victims of priests were most often male, thus defining the acts as homosexual, the priest did not at any time recognize his identity as homosexual.”

A less politically correct conclusion, it would seem, is to acknowledge that the offending clerics were perhaps unwilling to take “ownership” of their struggle with homosexuality. In any event, this line of argument appears to be little more than a red herring.



  1. The power of proponents of “the love that dare not speak its name” is already massive and still growing. That power includes the right to out itself when that is politically advantageous, and to condemn outing by others as “discrimination,” when greater leverage is to be wielded that way.

    To put it another way, it’ll “speak its name” all over the place if it wants to. But you had better keep your mouth shut, if you know what’s good for you. On the other hand, you’d better raise your voice in concert with all the queer hosannas, if that is what you’re ordered to do.

  2. There has got to be better scrutiny, on picking Future Seminary Students, where all Homosexuality is Weeded Out!
    As far as, current Priest’, who engage in Homosexual activity…place them into a Private Treatment Center, and then, gently let go!
    This is NOT a Pedophelia issue, it is a Homosexual issue!
    Why would a MAN become a Priest……who won’t honor the VOWS and Oaths

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