Sad fact #1: Doctors willing to perform abortions often exhibit psychopathic, anti-social behaviors.


If your chosen “profession” required you to kill 6 to 20 totally innocent people every day, you would probably soon be “psycho” too!

That’s why abortion is not only immoral and indefensible – it’s also totally irrational – as are those who continue to promote it.

Merriam Webster On-line Dictionary

Definition of IRRATIONAL

: not rational: as (1) : not endowed with reason or understanding
(2) : lacking usual or normal mental clarity or coherence.
Synonyms: fallaciousillegitimateinconsequentinconsequential,

Sad fact #2: State and federal government – and much of the American public – doesn’t really care.

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  1. Very disturbing, how many citizens of the U.S. Are Devoid of any Apathy for the Murdered human babies, inside the womb. There is NO DEFENSE for any Physician to MURDER, for wages, unless he/she is an Irrational Psycho!
    I am ashamed of the people that give no thought to this daily Massacre in the name, of”Pro-Choice. When all sane humans, know it is Pro-Death!!!

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