Modern Faces of Evil: Satanism, Nazism, Reincarnation and Various Cults of Personality.

devil 4  memling  the devil

…in the U.S. today we have the frontal aspect of Satanism as represented by teenagers’ increasing attraction to it, and we see the more subtle form emerging from out of the goddess regions of neo-pagan New Age.

For both, the bottom line, whether one dresses it up in Jungian terminology, or scrawls a pentagram on an underpass in the suburbs, is the Satanic commandment to do whatever one wants, and to experience everything, extolling personal power and its final agent, the Devil, aver submission to moral law.

Refusing to consider oneself a sinner is the common ground of both. And both varieties, as witnessed by the suicide related  above and Whitmont’s colloquial and knowledgeable references to nazism, are no more or less than the current blossoming of the Nazi legacy, come home to roost in the good old U.S.A. not quite 50 years after its defeat in Germany.

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  1. …”various cults of personality.”

    Into this context, allow me to introduce the media-driven and -fed personality cult that flourished around the John Paul II, and not just among Catholics. Make no mistake about it: the late pontiff was extremely media-aware and -savvy, and exploited the media to the max during his reign.

    The biggest fruit of his efforts was borne after his death, in the rash and unseemly “Sancto Subito!” phenomenon. The latter abetted the fast-tracking of the cause for JP-II sainthood, although it was not the primary agenda behind his successor’s waiving of the traditional five-year waiting period.

    I submit—as I have before—that the haste in this cause is all about canonizing not just the disastrous pope himself, but the ruinous council that he so eagerly and consistently espoused.

    Am I putting JP-II in the same column with Hitler et al. simili? No. However, one could fairly ponder which of them did more damage to the Church.

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