Parsing the curiously worded documents of the 2nd Vatican Council

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In today’s brave new world of ecumenism, the Catholic Church no longer claims to be unique, right?

After all, Vatican II didn’t say that the Church of Christ is the Catholic Church.

It merely said that the Church of Christ “subsists in” the Catholic Church.

So that means the Catholic Church no longer views itself as the “one true Church,” right?

Not so fast . . .

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  1. The need for all this “parsing” should never have arisen. It remains quite clear that the novelty of false “ecumenism”—manifested first in the pandering to Protestant attendees who were invited to limited participation in V-II—was the main motivational engine behind the council.

    “Subsists in” has resulted in the same kind of confusion, wreckage and schism that the gratuitously and deliberately incorrect English Novus Ordo translation of the words of consecration—“…shed for all“—caused. By the time this egregious error was corrected, several decades of damage had already been done.

    I am sick to death of the continued, vain “damage control” over V-II emanating from Rome. No one ever admits the suspected heresies, errors or even mistakes of the council. Instead, all we get is additional layers of BS to “explain” and cover the extant BS. It’s still all about the PR.

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