On a day when courage was not in short supply men took notice of this small fat priest who was doing his best under fire to save as many lives as he could.

On the trip across the Channel to France,  Chaplain Lacy told the men:  “When you land on the beach and you get in there, I don’t want to see anybody kneeling down and praying. If I do I’m gonna come up and boot you in the tail. You leave the praying to me and you do the fighting.”

A few of the men began to think that maybe this priest was tougher than he looked.

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  1. US entry into and participation in WWII is not off-limits to comment and debate, but I will refrain from such here in honor of Fr. Lacy.

    Instead, I wish to point out that the main purpose of the chaplains’ corps in the current US military is not to save lives or souls, but to feed, maintain and motivate the perpetual US war machine. (Anent another post here today, even Wiccan “chaplains” and “services” are now provided for US troops.)

    Whatever noble purpose the corps might have had in wars past has become totally subservient to the agendae of the militaristic empire once known as the American Republic. Any “chaplain” who would place God first need not apply.

    • Point taken.

      In light of all the scandals, I try to publish positive things about the priesthood whenever possible.


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