Glossy left-wing Catholic propaganda screed attempts to justify making deals with the devil for social justice purposes.


Evidently, diversity and inclusion goes right out the window when the money stops – if you’re a left-wing, progressive (pro-abort, pro-homosexual, pro-big government, Socialist-Democrat) Catholic.

This piece never fails to indict conservative Catholics for their faithfulness – and it never fails to praise those who have shamelessly and often fraudulently been using Catholic money for anti-Catholic purposes, over the last 40 years.

A number of Catholic bishops have allegedly endorsed this report. That should come as no surprise.

Read it carefully, lest you be deceived! (PDF format) 


  1. Life is just too short to spend time reading what I already know. Not to mention disturbing my peace unnecessarily. Here’s hoping that some who need to know—and do not, yet—visit this page.

  2. Shame On, those Liberal Catholics, that fraudulently, go against the precepts of the Church, in the name of Social Justice!”
    All, Left Winger’s, Woe to you, for you are NOT HOLY, are not a True follower of Christ….
    But a follower of HUMANISM!

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