How dumbed-down liberal politics seriously weakened the Catholic Church and society at large

Want to promote homosexuality and weaken the family? Refuse to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act!

Want to induce people to believe and support anything the politicians say? Dumb-down the educational system and give away lots of free stuff!

Want to seriously weaken the faith of the Body of Christ?
Throw out all the old catechesis
and replace it with social justice work,
financed primarily with government money!

All three tactics are patently liberal. All three tactics have proved to be very effective, and all three tactics were successfully employed by the liberals who ran the Catholic Church in America, long before the liberal Democrat dominated U.S. Government ever “picked up” on them.

The result? Moral and financial bankruptcy – exactly what should be expected when God’s laws are deliberately ignored in a vain attempt to accommodate the proclivities of sinful mankind.


  1. “Defense of Marriage Act”?! What needs to be defended is not some pandering piece of secular legislation, but the Sacrament itself. (Note that I did not refer to the “institution” of marriage.)

    In all the flap over “gay marriage,” otherwise good, sensible people have shown a huge blind spot which obscures the ruin that heterosexuals have made of marriage: both by “legally” casting it aside far more easily than a cell-phone contract, or by avoiding and rejecting it in the first place.

    Dare I suggest that those so blind remove the “beam from their eye”? To make this issue about “liberal” or “conservative” politics distracts from what the real problem is: a morally-bankrupt society that is the cause, not the consequence, of corruption and depredation in the corridors of government.

    • Excellent observations.


    • You got it…Morally Deprived Society…Worldwide, not just our Nation! God commanded us to multiply and be fruitful. I don’t think Homosexuality serves this Purpose! PC Culture says “TOLERANCE” accept this Perversion, and the Destruction of the Family! We are begging for Judgement…Sick, Atheism!

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