Can Saint Anthony find the lost faith of the Catholic Church of the Ages?


No Catholic who takes the salvation of his immortal soul seriously can ignore the intercessory power of Saint Anthony of Padua. Over and above all of the little things we ask Saint Anthony to find after we have lost them, Saint Anthony of Padua, an exemplary preacher of the truths of the Catholic Faith, must be invoked today in our times under one of his most important titles, “The Hammer of Heretics.”

We need Saint Anthony’s help right now in the midst of the difficulties within Holy Mother Church so that each of us will be fortified by our hidden time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and our unabashed expressions of love for the Holy Name of Mary to proclaim the truths of the true Faith openly in the midst of the heretics in the counterfeit church of conciliarism who want to convince us that everything about the Catholic Church prior to 1958 must be rejected and vilified and apologized for.

Although Saint Anthony is a saint for all days and for all ages, he is particularly apt to help Holy Mother Church in these our days, rife as they are with all of the synthesized heresies that have amalgamated themselves under the aegis of Modernism.

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  1. There is personal irony for me here, in that a local sede-traddie chapel goes by the name of “St. Anthony of Padua Mission.” No doubt those attending feel no need to pray to their patron to find the “lost faith” on their bahalves, because they are confident that they never lost it.

    Meanwhile, they persist in their belief that there has been no valid pope on the Chair of Peter at least since Paul VI. If Francis canonizes JP-II, the sede-traddies are bound to be even more certain that the current occupant is merely the latest interloper.

    As things are going, I am feeling less and less certain that they’re wrong about all that.

    • Mark,
      I sent the history of St Anthony, to my husband(New order Church) and my Cousin (Traditioalist, who lived in Venice for 10 years!) She posted on her FB St Anthonys’s statue, at his Church in Italy. It is good to have the history of the Saints, we ask Intercessionery prayer to…..It is worrisome, if Francis, goes ahead, in making John Paul II, a Saint, for he was the Dominant force, of Destruction!
      Let me know, if you want to see the latest, on the Traddies, on Francis….I will send it to you! Again, I am NOT one of them!!!

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