Father Robert Barron: Six tips for the new evangelization.

NUMBER 4) Tell the great story of salvation history. Father Barron emphasized the importance of the entire story. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. The story begins with creation, then the fall and the formation of people after God’s own heart. It is a story of “temple, covenant, law and prophecy.” It climaxes with the coming of Christ.

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  1. Contemporary evangelization needn’t be “branded” as “new.” In fact, to do so in this age of clueless consumerism strongly implies that any evangelization that was “pre-new” was somehow inadequate, benighted, etc. etc. Also, “new” these days connotes “improved”: a connotation that must be closely examined in the context of evangelization.

    I’ll grant that improvement in the latter is needed, but not newness. The linked article’s list at least reaches back in history for ideas that worked then—and will still work now. Sacrificing, suffering and dying for the Faith were also potent factors in past evangelization successes, lest we forget.

    Let us also not forget the most egregious “new” product to issue from(?) Holy Mother Church a few decades ago: the Novus (i.e. “new”) Ordo Missae. Now there’s a new product that worked out well, didn’t it! A solution still in search of a problem, with no prospect of ever finding it. A seriously-flawed liturgical vessel that—despite its flaws—mysteriously envelops the unbloody reenactment of the One Perfect Sacrifice.

    New Coke made more sense than the Novus Ordo. I hope that the latter eventually meets the same fate that the former did.

    As for the “new evangelization,” let’s cut the marketing crap here and just go about the daily business of witnessing to our Faith, without compromise or apology.

    • Hey Mark,
      My husband used to work for Coke about 20 years ago in Promotions. Ideas, come and go, but our Catholic Faith should remain STABLE! New Evangelization…HumBug??? Just like Christ, the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever!

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