Chicago homosexual politics: Just a handful of paid lunatics.

How the Left Uses Gays to Dismantle, Undermine, and Toxify the Catholic Church.

Text and video


  1. I think of one of the early pioneers, in Chi-Town….a Cardinal, who had Gays marching at his Funeral!

  2. The Left is shameful with their Protest outside, of the cathedral, chanting “ArchBigot!” Tolerance against Our Lord….Don’t think so …Lefty Homosexual Agenda Folks!

  3. My modest proposal: Let us reclaim the word “gay,” and write exclusively of “homosexuals.”

    For Heaven’s sake! Now the latter have even robbed the language of the word “pride”! Today, in my hometown, was the “Pride Parade,” nee the “Gay Pride Parade.” Nothing has changed except the omission of one word, which omission is clearly the latest omen of the mainstreaming of degeneracy.

    Gay was a perfectly useful word for so long: connoting foppery, at worst, before “the love that dare not speak its name” found it useful to not call its pracitioners what they really are, i.e. homosexuals. The language deserves to have the word “gay” back where it belongs, just as society should relegate those who now call themselves “gay” back to the margins, instead of proudly marching up Main Street with them.

    That said, we all know what Pride goeth before. So, as far as I’m concerned, that’s a word they can have.

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