Father Robert Barron: The catechetical “dumbing down of the Catholic faith” in the 1960s and 1970s “was a pastoral disaster of the first order.”

“Don’t turn Jesus into a bland cypher,” he said. “He’s not just another mystic or guru.”

Noting the large number of people in modern society who suffer from addictions, Father Barron said the church must also help people reject “false gods of wealth, honor, pleasure and power,” and teach the anthropology of St. Augustine, who wrote that “our heart is restless until it rests in thee.”

“We need to mock (false gods) publicly,” Father Barron said.



  1. The current Catechism, when it is not dumbing down the Faith, goes out of the way to obscure and compromise its Truths.

    As I commented at another post: Let’s go back to Baltimore!

    • I hate to “one up” you, but Cardinal Burke recently suggested going all the way back to the Catechism of Pius X.


      • Works for me!

  2. That is Idolatery…wealth, honor, power, pleasure, that become more important than God! For to be carnally minded is Death, to be Spiritually minded is Life and Peace!
    I grew up in a chaotic time, changing with Vat II, people have gotten away from Christ into the Jesus Seminar thinking. The World has deceived, the average Joe, along with the Flesh and the Devil!
    Yes, we have Dumbed Down, in our Catholic faith!

  3. Be careful about quoting Fr. Barron as an authority. He’s a theistic evolutionist and he’s soft on the death penalty. The fact that Mark Shea likes him should raise a red flag.

    • Stephen,
      Who would you suggest reading, to counsel us, in this Modern Age of Liberalism?

    • Father Barron also has a hard time accepting the reality of Satan, the devil – but nobody’s perfect. Much of what he says is well thought out and authentically Catholic. As for the rest – caveat emptor!


      • He also has a problem with the reality of Adam and Eve too.

        Cathy,who to read and counsel us? Michael Voris is a good place to start.

  4. Has anyone ever heard of “Intellectual Idolatry?” Perhaps, Barrons intense zeal for Philosophy, may have caused some disbelief, in certain IMPORTANT topics….Satan, Adam & Eve!
    I believe what Jesus believed, after all, ye believe in God, also believe in me (Jesus!)

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