“Little” murders

A Seattle politician who was pregnant with twins but had her son aborted because he would suffer in his life from a number of maladies writes of her abortion in The New York Times.

She’s arguing against limiting the time a mother can abort her child. I am horrified by what she wrote. Just horrified. I know she believes that what she did she did out of love but I can’t begin to fathom the kind of love that says things like this:

I felt my son’s budding life end as a doctor inserted a needle through my belly into his tiny heart. She had trouble finding it because of its abnormal position. As horrible as that moment was — it will live with me forever — I am grateful. We made sure our son was not born only to suffer. He died in a warm and loving place, inside me.



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  1. Crazy, lunatic, devoid of human empathy!
    “It’s All About Me!”. Living in the Flesh Disorder and Spiritually Dead!

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