Background sculpture of Pope Paul VI Hall reflects the tortured, twisted, uninspired “New Theology” promoted by the post-Vatican II Catholic Church.


Monstrous Post Vatican II sculpture – allegedly of the Resurrection
serves as a back drop for the Pope Paul VI Hall in the Vatican 


Similar ugly art at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, there’s plenty more where this came from, at churches and basilicas all around the world. What are these guys (Church leaders) thinking? Or is this simply a reflection of their decrepit, modernist souls? And why do Catholics even allow this type of spiritual blight, in their places of worship?


  1. “…Pope Paul VI Hall”?

    I’d sooner entrust my Church to Monty Hall.

  2. Doug,
    Now I see the correlation, in The Post Vatican I! Artwork in the Vatican and Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. Why do they portray the Resurrection of Christ, in such a horrific way? Modern Art was what the Communist wanted people to like, in their Journey into Atheism!
    It sounds like a Conspiracy Theorist Conference topic….maybe, that’s the plan!

  3. They look like something from a horror movie!

    • Hollywood Special Effects could not create such an aversion! The top photo is horrendous, sends a chill up my spine!Wait, #2 just Petrified me!

  4. I’m sorry to burst bubbles, but the sculpture behind the pope is not Christ’s resurrection… that large figure shows absolutely no markings of Christ. There is always symbolism in art with Christ. There are no holes in his hands, no crown of thorns, no hole in his feet, not hole in the abdomen… not one. This figure has heads and wispy looking flames (it appears) under it.

  5. Well, I am glad your back, on line!
    So much has happened!
    Pope Francis, gave his Praises to Abbas! Unbelievable!…. I could barely “Stomach That!”

    Well, back to the Art: Abomination In Art ( New Title)

    • Actually, I still haven’t returned. It looks as though somebody’s comments about an old post were picked up and distributed on the daily feed. I hope you had a great summer.



      • When are you returning?
        Hope you had a Joyous Summer!

        Cheers to You, Too!!!

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