Home of the angry aluminum Jesus: 35 of the world’s ugliest churches – many of them Catholic.


Text and photos

Editor’s note: No wonder Jesus is angry!



  1. Ugly as Sin

    • Have you read Ugly As Sin?
      The reasoning I have heard for years is, The Old Style Architecture, cannot be replicated because of COSTS! To restore, the beauty and magnificence, of old churches would be cost- prohibitive!
      The motto is…TEAR THEM DOWN!

      • By that logic, St. Peters, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the National Basilica in Washington, DC should not exist. The real reason for ugly churches is apostasy – extending up to the highest levels of the church – and a basic lack of faith.


      • Doug,
        I was trying to be kind….but you are SO right!
        The Church uses certain places, as a Shrine for Christ …like my old Parrish, the Basilica of St.Louis (breathtaking) the Mosaic Artistry, unbelievable! No hints of Modern Abominations and occultic design. You feel the presence of Christ, as soon as you enter the Basilica!
        They have the Chair, Pope JP II, sat in, while giving Mass. I was visiting the Bas. When JPII died, they had his portrait on the Alter!

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