For-profit businesses are not included in the HHS contraceptive mandate “accommodation” released today.

Eric Rassbach, an attorney with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a public interest law firm challenging the contraception coverage rule, said “it doesn’t really change the overall way they’re trying to do this.” The Becket Fund represents many of organizations challenging the regulation in federal court.

The Catholic Church prohibits the use of artificial contraception. Evangelicals generally accept the use of birth control, but some object to specific methods such as the morning-after contraceptive pill, which they argue is tantamount to abortion, and is covered under the policy.



  1. Go Hobby Lobby!!


  2. The HHS contraceptive mandate is designed to give Religion a slap, in making the country secular….just the way the Progressive Left wants it! The actual Churches, will be left alone, for now. Woo, to charitable institutions, hospitals and schools…for you are the TARGET, as long as your affiliation with Religion…mainly Roman Catholic organizations,will take the BEATING!
    Where’s the Outrage?
    Will we remain passive?


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