It’s fair to ask what esteem Pope Francis holds the centuries long Tradition of the Church.

Pelagianism has been a much used word in Catholic circles of late.  Which is a surprising, because as a formal heresy, it was fairly well stamped out  1500 years ago or so. Arianism actually persisted longer than Pelagianism.

Certainly, the Holy Father seems much enamored of the word.  He used it a couple of weeks ago to describe traditionalists to some visitors from S. America. He just used it again yesterday, when he went a bit further:

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  1. Repeating myself, I say: “Or are we to wait for another…”, adding here, “…or Jesus’ return, whichever comes first?

    Meanwhile, if personality cultists are allowed to speak of “John Paul the Great,” is it fair for others to speak of “Francis the Clueless”?

    (BTW, I often said there is good reason that “Blessed are the Clueless” is not the Ninth Beatitude.)


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