Rome: Ex-priests allegations about clerical-pedophile ring have no merit.

Patrizzio Poggi, who served 5 years of an 8-year sentence on sex-abuse charges, had told reporters that he could identify 20 priests who were involved in child prostitution. But prosecutors said he could not substantiate the claims, and charged that his reports were “motivated by personal feelings of resentment.” Poggi allegedly became enraged with Church officials who did not defend him against the criminal charges that led to his conviction and imprisonment.


Editor’s note: Michael Voris/Church Militant TV got way out ahead of this when it initially came to light – assuming that all the charges were true. Now, it will be interesting to see how they handle the retraction.


  1. I am a fan of Church Militant TV/ Michael Voris. A false accusation is troubling, but Where there is SMOKE (Satan’s Type) there is FIRE!
    Scandal is everywhere!

  2. The ex-priest maybe a scoundrel, but lets not be to quick to dismiss his charges. The lavender mafia is deeply entrenched in the church, and like Cathy says, were there is smoke, there is fire. Lets see if his charges can be collaborated first, before we dismiss him.

    • I’m also a Michael Voris fan. But sometimes, the pressure to meet today’s deadline leads to a “scoop” mentality – to the detriment of our holy church. I’m much more concerned about the abuse files released in Milwaukee, today.


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