The truth about Planned Parenthood, Wendy Davis and the State of Texas

Davis got pregnant at 18. She gave birth to her daughter at 19. She apparently wasn’t exercising “family planning services” at that time, and thank goodness she didn’t utilize the “service” she is so relentlessly defending today: abortion.

And she’s now made SB#5, a ban on late-term abortions after 5 months of pregnancy, her political football. Despite the horrors of late-term abortionists like Gosnell and Karpen, Davis is heralded for her pink Mizuno sneakers instead protecting women and children from the crimson-stained floors, toilets and drains of back-alley abortionists.

Mizuno, by the way, is enjoying all of the publicity, claiming it has no corporate policy about the issue they can’t even mention, by word, in their press release. If Ms. Davis were defending traditional marriage or filibustering a pro-abortion law, I highly doubt Mizuno would be so enthusiastic or vague about their convictions. Don’t expect mainstream media to point out such obvious inconsistency.


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