What is the “wrath of God?”

The wrath of God is our experience of the total incompatibility of unrepented sin before the holiness of God.

The unrepentant sinner cannot endure the presence, and the holiness of God.There is for such a one wailing and grinding of teeth, anger and even rage when confronted by the existence of God and the demands of His justice and holiness.

God’s wrath does not mean in some simplistic sense that God is “mad” as if being emotionally worked up to fury. God is not moody and unstable. God is not subject to temper tantrums like we are. Rather this, God is holy, and the unrepentant sinner cannot endure his holiness, but experiences it as wrath.

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  1. Christ Jesus, the only begotten son of God, has made it possible, to have the gift of Eternal Life. This way we can reconcile with an All Holy God,because our sins have been paid for by the propitiation of the Son by his Precious Blood! bless his Name…Amen

    • Amen indeed!

      It’s also worth noting that the ONLY way to be certain of God’s forgiveness of grave sin is through sacramental absolution. Authentic reconciliation with the Almighty is not – and never has been – a do it yourself process. That’s one of the main reasons we need the Catholic ministerial priesthood.


      • Doug,
        What do you think about our Religious Leaders proclaiming that other Religions worship the same God? Do other Religions worship Christ Jesus….the only way to God? Do other Religions believe Christ is our Saviour?
        Please tell me I have misinterpreted these BOLD statements!
        I think NOT, I hope NOT!

      • I think they are merely giving those people the “benefit of the doubt” according to the obtuse “spirit of Vatican II”. Shame on them!


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