Why this former youth ministry teacher looks (and sounds) angry

The reason I’m writing this post today is because of Austin Ruse’s new article over at Crisis Magazine. He points out a serious problem in leadership at NFCYM, the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, and calls for its Executive Director, Bob McCarty, to be fired.

NFCYM is associated with what I call the Happity-Clappity youth ministry camp, together with a few other groups of questionable orthodoxy, such as the Girl Scouts and NCCL.

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  1. Happity Clappity, sounds right! These poor duped parents think their young’ins are receiving Orthodox Catholic Faith!
    I think of my Niece and Nephew, attending a large youth group in Nashville, just for Socializing, and their parents bragging, about something they know, little about! I see the fruit of Materialism and Me-ism!

  2. “Youth ministries,” “World Youth Day” et al. are post-modern, worldly constructs that serve no significant purpose other than to balkanize Catholic communities, generations and families by exploiting the worldly “culture” of youth and trying, in vain, to Catholicize it.

    The inevitable and predictable results consist of making their experience of their Church just one more worldly item on a worldly menu for Catholic youngsters.

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