Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles gets it right

“Two hundred years before any of the Founding Fathers were born, this land’s people were being baptized in the name of Christ,” he continues. “The people of this land were called Christians before they were called Americans. And they were first called this name in the Spanish tongue. Every American today, in some way, owes a spiritual debt to these great Hispanic Catholic missionaries of the 16th and 17th centuries.”

Archbishop Gomez adds:

So why don’t we know their stories? Because history is always told by the “winners.” In America’s case, the winners were the men who fought the American Revolution and established our national government. They handed down an American story, a national narrative that began with them and ignored earlier periods of American history.

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  1. “Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles gets it right”

    So does a stopped clock, twice a day. I’ll pay closer attention to see if Gomez can do even better over a longer haul.

    He could hardly do worse than his predecessor. But that sets an an insultingly low bar for him.

    • I was referring to the particular historical information referenced in the article. Job performance is a whole different matter!


      • I understood that your reference was quite specific. Meanwhile, we will both wait and see as to general outcomes.

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