Does Satan Really Exist?


Some Catholics maybe surprised in this day and age, that the existence of evil, the devil as well as hell, are all truths of our Catholic Faith. All one has to do is pick up a copy of the Catechism and look it up and you will find that the Church officially teaches – from paragraph #1033 through paragraph #1037 – that evil does exist, that there is a person, a fallen Angel to be exact, who wants nothing more than to destroy humanity and if that is not possible then at least to get as many people away from God, away from salvation to spend eternity in hell with him.

Pope Paul IV, taught that “evil is not merely a lack of something, but an effective agent, a living spiritual being, perverted and perverting.   A terrible reality – mysterious and frightening – who goes about acting in a way contrary to the teaching of the Bible and the Church.”

Of course there is the New Testament, which alone refers to the devil and his wickedness nearly 300 times as a warning to us of his presence and activity in our world.

This leads us to the Gospels, where Jesus talks more about the devil and evil then anything else except His divinity.

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Submitted by Jola S.

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  1. What a commendable article. Christ mentions Satan 300 times in the NT…tells you of it’s importance! What really gets my Catholic friends is mentioning, “Slave of Sin” or in ” Bondage to Sin!” Do you think, this might be Progressive Guilt?
    The Devil is Real…not a “Horned mythological creature” but a ” Spirit of Evil!”
    In the Bible, we are forbidden to dabble in Soccery, but yet we allow are kids to watch movies of Withcraft. We participate in Fortune Telling and Horoscopes….on and on…Black Magic, is of Satan!
    In Revelation, we are told , not only of the Fallen Angel/Lucipher, but a third of the Angels, fell with him! Where are these Fallen Angels? In the past couple of weeks we had a Priest beheaded in Syria and a Referee in Brazil beheaded….could this be the product of Satan?
    I feel sorry, for those that do not believe in “The Evil One” for they have been Decieved, by the Father of Lies! Old Fashioned and Ignorant…that is what the Great Deciever WANTS YOU TO THINK!

  2. …we are forbidden to dabble in Soccery… (sic)”

    Is that what the rest of the world calls “football?” If so, I wasn’t aware of any biblical injunction against it. Of course, the way some soccer games turn out, maybe there should have been an eleventh commandment forbidding it.

    • I was hoping NO ONE NOTICED the mistake, in the spelling of Sorcery!
      I should have known, it would be you (Mark) to answer with the forbidden:Soccery…played all over the world, with major audiences!
      You GOT ME….ha ha…truly funny!

      • Sorry, just couldn’t resist. Thanks for being a good sport.

      • You should have said, “The Devil Made Me Do It! “. 🙂

      • Oops…busted!!

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